Author by day, caped crusader by night. Chronic incurable paladin. Saving worlds one story at a time.

Writing in multiple genres: Fantasy, urban fantasy, superhero, romance, space opera, and creative non-fiction.

When not writing, reading, or saving the world, J.C. is often found playing with Photoshop or her Cricut machine, making paper roses, hand-binding books, woodturning, casting resin, or experimenting with other arts and crafts. She is an outspoken advocate for mental health and chronic illness awareness.

J.C. has received three Writers of the Future Contest honorable mentions (Q1 2016, Q3 2016, Q4 2019), and was the third-place winner of the DragonComet short story contest in 2017. She has been published under the pen name Jenna Bowman in the Sibyl’s Scriptorium Vol. 4 anthology and the League of Utah Writers Infinite Monkeys chapter anthology A Year of the Monkeys. She was also awarded a scholarship to attend the Superstars Writing Seminars in 2020.

J.C. is currently in the process of finishing her bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University in English with a double emphasis in creative writing and writing studies (editing and publishing).

On social media: @AuthorJCArcher